Nude makeup

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Natural make-up does not have any bright accents, and your face shines with naturalness. Such makeup does not change and does not "close" your face, it only emphasizes natural beauty and smooths out minor imperfections.

The image creation of natural beauty is based on the following basic rules:

  • maximum resemblance with natural facial colors
  • prohibition of bright color accents.

Only natural accents are allowable, for example, the color of the eyes, eyebrows or moles.

This style does not use eyeliners, bright lipsticks and shadows,grooming - the main requirement for make-up in this style. Therefore, the skin must be systematically taken care of, so that it looks flawless

The difference between nude makeup and daytime is not significant. In the second version, there is a little more accent on the eyes, and there is anaccent on the cheekbones.

Millions of tourists come to Istanbul every year, but in addition to attractions many want professional photography. These makeup options are just very relevant for shooting and in order to feel comfortable throughout the day.

As if you woke up already with glowing healthy skin, without bruises under your eyes and with a natural blush on your face.


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