Stage make-up

от: 400 TL

Stage make-up should be graphic, means, have clear lines. For the scene, accents can be both on the eyes and on the lips, which is often considered not appropriate in daily and even in evening make-up. The farther away you are, the more intense your makeup is, and the more distinctly you select eyebrows, lips and eyes, the more natural and expressive you look on stage. Do not be afraid to overdo it with saturated colors. Soffits absorb everything, so natural daily make-up is completely inappropriate for the stage, it simply will not be visible.

This make-up can be suitable for creative shooting, for the theater, for shooting movies, as well as for different shows.

In Istanbul, there are many interesting shootings and events related to the stage make-up. As always in such cases without professional skills and knowledge in this area of this make-up is needed.


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