Wedding make-up

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Tips for Brides:

If you want makeup to look fresh and light, take care of the skin condition beforehand. Determine its type and, together with the cosmetologist, develop a system of care that will allow you to get rid of black spots, pimples and other imperfections.

Trial makeup is an required element of wedding preparation. It gives you an opportunity to understand whether the chosen option is right for you whether some changes should be made to it. If possible, rehearse make-up and wedding hair in one day to see the whole image.
To remove greasy shine during the day matting wipes perfectly match, and cotton buds help to fix make up of the eyes before the wedding party. Do not forget about powder and lip gloss should match in tone of lipstick. What else should be at hand on the day of the wedding

It is performed in several basic steps:

  • defining skin imperfections and selecting the right foundation ;
  • visual smoothing of disproportional rough skin
  • guidance of contours and light decorative strokes

Do not use vivid dark shadows and acid red lipstick. After all, a beloved man does not take a doll as a wife, and he needs to show how beautiful his future wife is in a natural way with a minimum of make-up.
Every year an amazing and romantic period of weddings opens.

A very large number of couples coming to Istanbul to unite their destinies. And also lots of whom have already lived here and checked their feelings, decided to unite and create a family. On this day for each of the pair everything is very exciting, so to be confident in your image you should invite a professional. I am happy to help you making a right and confident choice in your unforgettable image.


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